Patient Resources

Community Resources for Patients

There are many challenges and uncertainties when patients and their families are diagnosed with a rare cancer like sarcoma. Due to its rarity, it is imperative that sarcoma patients have access to multidisciplinary teams that specialize in this cancer. At the UCSF Sarcoma Center we believe that patients should be equipped with the tools and knowledge to become active participants in their care. Below are online resources that provide valuable information and community support for sarcomas patients.

General Patient Resources:

  • SARCOMAALLIANCE.ORG - Based in the Bay Area, Sarcoma Alliance provides community and peer-to-peer networks for patients with sarcoma.
  • CURESARCOMA.ORG  - Sarcoma Foundation of America is a national organization aimed at increasing awareness and funding for sarcoma.

Adult Sarcoma Resources:

  • soft tissue sarcoma - General information about the diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue sarcomas.
  • Bone Sarcoma - General information about the diagnosis and treatment of bone sarcomas.

Pediatric Sarcoma Resources:

Patient Stories

Hear from patients treated at the UCSF Sarcoma Center.